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Dog Daycare


The London Dog Club is proud to offer a Daycare Service with a difference for those Dogs which may not be suited to regular "Doggie Daycare" options. Whilst regular Doggie Daycare can offer a fun energy packed days not all services cater for pets requiring more consideration. Things such as age, physical ailments or behavioural issues can cause Doggie Daycare to be a poor fit for your dog. The London Dog Club Daycare Service offers these dogs the chance to have controlled and supervised interaction in the form of two, one hour sessions during the day at your home. Dogs with physical conditions such as arthritis can suffer pain when trying to keep up with other dogs whilst older dogs can become over exerted and tired. Along with this not all dogs are suited to the social nature of Doggie Daycare but still need attention during the day. If your dog does not socialise well with other dogs The London Dog Club Daycare Service may be for you. The London Dog Club Daycare Service means that you can still ensure your dog is getting the contact and stimulation they require during the day whilst you are out and they will not suffer the possible detrimental effects they could suffer at a regular "Doggie Daycare". 

The London Dog Club will visit your home and conduct 2, one hour sessions with your dog, at pre agreed times. For example this could include a 30 minute walk and 30 minutes of fun, directed interaction with your dog. This allows for the interaction to be controlled and structured.

Dogs who require a little more attention and control than regular "Doggie Daycares" can offer, such as those with physical aliments like arthritis or recovering from injuries. These dogs can suffer detrimental effects from being in high energy unstructured environments. Also dogs who are unable to socialise safely with other dogs.

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