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After ignoring the advice that you should never work with children or animals, Cassie transitioned from one to the other, leaving a successful career as a Kindergarten Head Teacher to pursue her dream and spend her days with man's best friend through her business, The London Dog Club. 
Having assisted thesurreydogtrainer and spending time with many working dogs, Cassie decided to create a dog walking service with a difference. She is a firm believer that every day is a training opportunity for your dog, and possibly one of the most important parts of your dog's routine. By using the walk as an opportunity to stimulate your dog physically and mentally through basic training and socialisation, The London Dog Club is not only a dog walker, but also a valuable tool to create a happy and balanced companion. Cassie built The London Dog Club based on the same values she looks for when entrusting her own dogs to others, and understands the importance  of putting the dog's needs first. Now she enjoys driving her specially converted van to pick up her new canine friends and seeing them enjoy fresh air, exercise and the perfect balance of socialisation and basic training.
Cassie grew up with dogs in her home in London and has many fond memories of her childhood dog Gizmo, the Yorkshire Terrier. She currently lives with her husband Jonny, their black labrador Wilf and working cocker spaniel Ralph.

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